January 23, Windsor: Funding and Organizing Media Arts and Artist-Run Culture

Wednes­day, Jan­u­ary 23rd, 2019
6:30 to 8:00 PM
Arts Coun­cil Wind­sor & Region
1942 Wyan­dotte St E, Wind­sor, ON

The Arts Coun­cil Wind­sor & Region (ACWR) is pleased to host a dis­cus­sion with MANO-RAMO, the Media Arts Net­work of Ontario cov­er­ing fund­ing and build­ing col­lec­tives and orga­ni­za­tions. This ses­sion will pro­vide an oppor­tu­ni­ty for indi­vid­ual media artists and emerg­ing orga­ni­za­tions and col­lec­tives to come togeth­er and dis­cuss the field with­in the region; along with fund­ing and col­lec­tive solu­tions.

The dis­cus­sion will be guid­ed by a short sur­vey cir­cu­lat­ed in advance to those who RSVP, by email to: info@acwr.net

Orga­ni­za­tions and col­lec­tives in the region may book free half hour con­sul­ta­tions with MANO staff between 1:00pm and 5:00pm on Jan­u­ary 23 by email­ing: info@acwr.net, with the sub­ject line: Mano Meet­ing.

Fall 2018 Community Roundtables

The Media Art Net­work of Ontario’s com­mu­nity round­ta­bles are a great oppor­tu­nity for those work­ing in the Media and Visu­al Arts sec­tors to meet and dis­cuss issues rel­e­vant to the local arts com­mu­nity. They pro­vide a plat­form for MANO to learn about what is hap­pen­ing in the sec­tor region­al­ly, but also cre­ate a space for local dia­logue and net­work­ing. MANO’s Direc­tor, Ben Donoghue, and Mem­ber­ship & Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Coor­di­na­tor, Adri­ana Rossel­li, will be in trav­el­ing across South­ern Ontario this fall and vis­it­ing Toron­to, Hamil­ton, Kitch­en­er, Lon­don, Belleville and Kingston. All MANO/RAMO round tables are free events where all artists and arts work­ers are wel­come!
Please RSVP, at least three days before the event, to membership@mano-ramo.ca
Dates and Loca­tions
Toron­to, Tues­day Octo­ber 9th at 3:00 PM at TMAC, 32 Lis­gar St.
Hamil­ton, Sat­ur­day,  Novem­ber 17th at 11:00 AM at Cen­tre 3, 126/128 James Street North
Kitch­en­er, Sat­ur­day, Novem­ber 17th at 3:00 PM at Common’s Stu­dio, 256 King St E
Lon­don, Sun­day, Novem­ber 18th at 1:00 PM at B13, 613 Dun­das Street
Belleville, Mon­day, Novem­ber 19th at 2:00 PM at the Belleville Pub­lic Library & John M Par­rott Art Gallery, 254 Pin­na­cle St.
Kingston, Tues­day, Novem­ber 20th at 5:30 PM at Mod­ern Fuel, 370 King St. West

August 14- Mississauga Media Arts Round Table

MANO is vis­it­ing Mis­sis­sauga on Tues­day, August 14th, 2018 and is invit­ing artists and arts work­ers in the region to join us that day in order to dis­cuss either pub­licly, pri­vate­ly, or both, the cur­rent cli­mate for media arts prac­ti­tion­ers in the region. In atten­dance will be Ben Donoghue, Direc­tor of MANO and Adri­ana Rossel­li, Mem­ber­ship & Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Coor­di­na­tor.

MANO has been an impor­tant ally and advo­cate for arts orga­ni­za­tions and indi­vid­ual artists in the Province for over ten years. While our focus is media and visu­al arts, we are very much invest­ed in strength­en­ing the sec­tor more broad­ly and ensur­ing the sus­tain­abil­i­ty of the arts ecol­o­gy in Ontario.

MANO will be host­ing a pub­lic round­table dis­cus­sion at 7PM and will be avail­able dur­ing the after­noon to meet indi­vid­u­al­ly with artists or organizations/collectives from 1–6pm on a first come first served basis. The round­table offers a space for peo­ple to share their thoughts on the cur­rent cir­cum­stances of the sec­tor and ways in which MANO can sup­port those work­ing in media arts in the region. The pri­vate meet­ings offer an open avenue to dis­cuss more spe­cif­ic things per­tain­ing to your work from man­ag­ing a project and fund­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties to how to orga­nize col­lec­tive­ly or incor­po­rate as a not-for prof­it.

Pri­vate Meet­ings
When? Tues­day, August 14 between 1pm and 6pm
Where? SAIB,1352 Lakeshore Rd E, Mis­sis­sauga

To book a pri­vate meet­ing with MANO, please email membership@mano-ramo.ca. We are avail­able to meet with you from 1–6pm on Tues­day, August 14.

Round­table Dis­cus­sion
When? Tues­day, August 14 at 7pm
Where? SAIB, 1352 Lakeshore Rd E, Mis­sis­sauga

CANCELLED — Evidence in Inspired People — Workshop with the Ontario Trillium Foundation


Tues­day June 26
The Com­mons, 401 Rich­mond Street West, Suite 440
Free with RSVP

RSVP to director@mano-ramo.ca

Pre­sent­ed by Liz Fors­berg, Strat­e­gy Lead — Inspired Peo­ple, Ontario Tril­li­um Foun­da­tion

When apply­ing for an OTF Grow Grant, appli­cants are required to sub­mit evi­dence of the effec­tive­ness of the approach they are plan­ning to grow or repli­cate. Many orga­ni­za­tions strug­gle with this. This work­shop, designed espe­cial­ly for ini­tia­tives that sup­port arts, cul­ture and her­itage, will pro­vide:

-An overview of evi­dence of effec­tive­ness vs evi­dence of need
-An overview of the range of evi­dence that can be used to demon­strate the effec­tive­ness of your initiative’s approach
-Exam­ples of how orga­ni­za­tions have suc­cess­ful­ly used evi­dence to sup­port their appli­ca­tions
-Tips on how to gen­er­ate your own evi­dence and where to search for exter­nal arts, cul­ture and her­itage evi­dence

The pre­sen­ta­tion takes about an hour so the added 30 min­utes should give us lots of time for good dis­cus­sion.

March 12 — Ottawa Roundtables on Funding for the Independent Media Arts and Artist-Run Centre Organizations and Collectives

Ottawa Grant­i­ng Con­sul­ta­tions March 12
Mon­day March 12, 2018
SAW Video Hub, Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue, main floor

Ses­sion 1 – Focused on Mul­ti-year or Core grant recip­i­ent orga­ni­za­tions 2:00–5:00pm

Ses­sion 2 – Focused on groups and col­lec­tives and project fund­ing 6:30pm-8:00pm

After a year of sig­nif­i­cant change at the Cana­da Coun­cil for the Arts, MANO would like to assem­ble Ottawa mem­bers and allied organizations/collectives for two dis­cus­sions to share expe­ri­ences and strate­gize for the com­ing year. The dis­cus­sion will pro­vide a space for knowl­edge shar­ing and devel­op­ing advo­cacy ques­tions. These meet­ings will focus on grants to orga­ni­za­tions and col­lec­tives, pro­grams for indi­vid­ual artists will be dis­cussed at a lat­er date.

March 6 — Thunder Bay MANO/OAC Media Arts Discussion

In this infor­mal dis­cus­sion the Media Arts Net­work of Ontario and Ontario Arts Coun­cil will cov­er fund­ing pro­grams, col­lec­tive and orga­ni­za­tion build­ing, changes to the field, and the peren­ni­al ques­tion, “what is media art?” Let us know what the region needs and what you’ve expe­ri­enced.

Please join us for a free dis­cus­sion with Media Arts Net­work of Ontario (MANO), and Ontario Arts Coun­cil in Thun­der Bay.

When: Tues­day March 6th, 6:00 – 7:30 pm. Doors open at 5:45.
Where: Mag­nus The­atre Lob­by, 10 Algo­ma St. S.

RSVP’s are appre­ci­at­ed but not manda­to­ry. Reply to aforslund@arts.on.ca or 807–632-4575.
Light refresh­ments will be avail­able.

Rep­re­sen­ta­tives in atten­dance:
Ben Donoghue, Direc­tor, Media Arts Net­work of Ontario
Mark Haslam, OAC Media Arts Offi­cer
Alana Forslund, OAC North­west­ern Rep­re­sen­ta­tive

Please note, fund­ing may be avail­able to sup­port gas for those trav­el­ling from more than 50 km away from Thun­der Bay. Please con­tact aforslund@arts.on.ca or call 807–632-4575 for more infor­ma­tion.

Ses­sion will be deliv­ered in Eng­lish only. For sup­port in French, please con­tact Clelia Far­ru­gia with the Ontario Arts Council’s Fran­coph­o­ne sec­tion: 1–800-387‑0058 ext. 7427; cfarrugia@arts.on.ca

Feb 21 — Toronto Roundtables on Funding for the Independent Media Arts and Artist-Run Centre Organizations and Collectives

Feb­ru­ary 21  — Two Ses­sions

Toron­to Round­ta­bles on Fund­ing for the Inde­pen­dent Media Arts and Artist-Run Cen­tre Orga­ni­za­tions and Col­lec­tives

Wednes­day Feb­ru­ary 21, 2018

The Com­mons @ 401 — Suite 440 — Mul­ti pur­pose room B

401 Rich­mond Street West, Toron­to

Ses­sion 1 – Focused on Mul­ti-year or Core grant recip­i­ent orga­ni­za­tions 2:00–5:00pm

Ses­sion 2 – Focused on groups and col­lec­tives and project fund­ing 6:30pm-8:00pm

After a year of sig­nif­i­cant change at the Cana­da Coun­cil for the Arts, MANO would like to assem­ble Toron­to mem­bers and allied organizations/collectives for two dis­cus­sions to share expe­ri­ences and strate­gize for the com­ing year. The dis­cus­sion will pro­vide a space for knowl­edge shar­ing and devel­op­ing advo­ca­cy ques­tions. These meet­ings will focus on grants to orga­ni­za­tions and col­lec­tives, pro­grams for indi­vid­ual artists will be dis­cussed at a lat­er date.

For more infor­ma­tion con­tact:

Ben Donoghue – Direc­tor at director@mano-ramo.ca



Renewal Symposium

Reg­is­tra­tion now open for MANO’s 2017 Con­fer­ence – Renew­al
Toron­to, Novem­ber 17 – 19, 2017

The Media Arts Net­work of Ontario / Réseau des arts médi­a­tiques de l’Ontario (MANO/RAMO) is pleased to announce our next gath­er­ing of media artists, cul­tural work­ers, researchers and allies. This con­fer­ence, titled Renew­al, will bring togeth­er cul­tural work­ers and artists from across Ontario, Cana­da and inter­na­tion­ally to dis­cuss renew­ing the con­di­tions of our col­lec­tive labour and the spaces that make it pos­si­ble. All events will take place in the Queen West area of Toron­to, home to dozens of media arts orga­ni­za­tions.

Pro­gram­ming will include in-depth dis­cus­sions and work­shops of media arts grant­i­ng, humane resources for work­ers and artists, build­ing and ren­o­vat­ing facil­i­ties, col­lec­tive orga­niz­ing, archival prac­tices, address­ing new fund­ing struc­tures, and chal­lenges across the field. We will also share pro­grams of mov­ing image works and close the gath­er­ing with a live per­for­mance by three incred­i­ble expand­ed cin­ema artists: Lind­say Mcin­tyre, Male­na Szlam, and Leslie Sup­net + Hen­ning Fred­erik Malz. Friday’s keynote address will take the form of a con­ver­sa­tion between broad­cast­er and cul­tur­al work­er Rick Harp and Ter­ri Mon­ture.

Down­load the Renew­al Pro­gram.


Fri­day Novem­ber 17

9:00am – 10:00am: Reg­is­tra­tion and Cof­fee
10:00am – 11:30am: Fun­der Forum
11:30am – 1:00pm: Work­shops
1:00pm – 2:00pm: Catered Lunch
2:00pm – 3:30pm: Pan­el “Humane Resources”
3:30pm – 5:00pm: Pan­el “Scal­ing Up and Scal­ing Down: Space”
5:30pm – 6:30pm: Catered Din­ner
6:30pm – 8:15pm: Keynote

Sat­ur­day Novem­ber 18

9:00am – 10:00am: Reg­is­tra­tion and Cof­fee
10:00am – 11:30am: Pan­el “Research and the Archive”
11:30am – 1:00pm: Work­shops
1:00pm – 2:00pm: Catered lunch
2:00pm – 3:30pm: Round­ta­bles and Dis­cus­sion Groups
3:30pm – 5:30pm: Strat­e­gy Forum “Towards a New Advo­ca­cy”
5:30pm – 7:30pm: Din­ner on own
8:00pm – late: Film Per­for­mances

Sun­day Novem­ber 19

11:00am – 12:30: AGM and Clos­ing Busi­ness

Trav­el sub­si­dies will be avail­able for MANO mem­bers and pre-approved free­lance cul­tural work­ers.

Reg­is­tra­tion Fee: $50 for MANO mem­bers / $80 for non-mem­bers

Reg­is­ter online at: http://mano-ramo.ca/renewal-symposium-registration/ 

For more infor­ma­tion con­tact membership@mano-ramo.ca

Renew­al has been made pos­si­ble through the sup­port of the Cana­da Coun­cil for the Arts and the ongo­ing sup­port of the Ontario Arts Coun­cil.

Keynote and Film­mak­er Short Bios:

Rick Harp is a founder and pres­i­dent of the INDIGENA Cre­ative Group, Rick offers 15 years-plus media expe­ri­ence in jour­nal­ism and com­mu­ni­ca­tion. A host/producer with the Abo­rig­i­nal Peo­ples Tele­vi­sion Net­work for many years, Rick has also served as Artis­tic Direc­tor for the Win­nipeg Abo­rig­i­nal Film Fes­ti­val. He is a mem­ber of the Peter Bal­lan­tyne Cree Nation in north­ern Saskatchewan.

Ter­ri Mon­ture, is a Kanienkaha’keh (Mohawk), Wolf Clan from Six Nations of the Grand Riv­er Ter­ri­to­ry in South­ern Ontario. She is cur­rent­ly a Staff Rep­re­sen­ta­tive spe­cial­iz­ing in Human Rights and Equi­ty at the Cana­di­an Media Guild.

Lind­say McIn­tyre is a film artist and cre­ator from Edmon­ton, Alber­ta. Spe­cial­iz­ing in ana­logue film work that empha­sizes doc­u­men­tary, exper­i­men­tal and hand­made tech­niques, her work has been shown at numer­ous nation­al and inter­na­tion­al fes­ti­vals.

Leslie Sup­net is a Toron­to based mov­ing image artist. Sup­net uti­lizes ani­ma­tion, found media, lo-fi and exper­i­men­tal prac­tices to cre­ate doc­u­ments of her per­son­al vision.

Hen­ning Fred­erik Malz is a Ger­man artist/fillmmaker who is cur­rent­ly resid­ing in Toron­to, Cana­da where he makes art and serves on the board of the direc­tors of Plea­sure Dome as a pro­gram­mer.

Male­na Szlam (Chile/Montreal) is a visu­al artist and film­mak­er work­ing at the inter­sec­tions of cin­e­ma, instal­la­tion, and per­for­mance. Her prac­tice is con­cerned with trans­form­ing time and space through the unique prop­er­ties of ana­logue cin­e­ma.

Kid­lat Tahimik (Philip­pines) is a pio­neer of the post­colo­nial essay film, and the grand­fa­ther of the Philip­pine New Wave. With a wide rang­ing prac­tice in film, per­for­mance and beyond Kid­lat has cre­at­ed a remark­able body of work span­ning four decades.








Workshop: Contracts and Legal Obligations for Programmers & Curators

Thurs­day Sept 28, 2017

Join arts and enter­tain­ment lawyer, Dan Pol­lack, as he walks pro­gram­mers and cura­tors through the prepa­ra­tion of con­tracts and oth­er legal oblig­a­tions when work­ing with artists, oth­er inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors and like mind­ed orga­ni­za­tions.

Read Dan’s bio here.

To reg­is­ter email membership@mano-ramo.ca.

CALL FOR PAPERS for a web/print publication edited by artist Deanna Bowen, with the support of the Media Arts Network of Ontario (MANO)

Artist and edu­ca­tor Dean­na Bowen and the Media Arts Net­work of Ontario are seek­ing papers for a, yet unti­tled, pub­li­ca­tion that doc­u­ments the his­tor­i­cal and con­tem­po­rary con­tri­bu­tions that First Nations, Métis, and Inu­it (FNMI), racial­ized, dif­fer­ently abled, or LGBTQ cul­tural pro­duc­ers have made to the media arts in Cana­da. Instead of anti-canon­ic, we see this project as one that can map an alter­nate set of dis­courses, prac­tices and views across the field since the 1970s. Though not exhaus­tive, our goal is to pro­duce a book of nation­al scope that address­es the ways in which indi­vid­ual and col­lec­tive media arts prac­ti­tion­ers out­side of the estab­lished white exper­i­men­tal film/video canon have endeav­ored to cre­ate time based works in (often) less than ide­al cre­ative cli­mates. We also strive to exam­ine the devel­op­ment and evo­lu­tion of pub­lic fund­ing poli­cies that have helped and/or hin­dered the cre­ation of media arts cen­tres, cura­to­r­ial col­lec­tives, and archival ini­tia­tives.

For all artists, the avail­abil­ity of insti­tu­tion­ally val­i­dated texts engag­ing their work is key for mar­ket access. This is height­ened for “mar­gin­al­ized” media artists who are pri­mar­ily doc­u­mented in minor accounts in broad his­to­ries focused on white main­stream artists. Our call for papers reflects our goals to address these omis­sions and increase the vis­i­bil­ity of FNMI, racial­ized, dif­fer­ently abled, or LGBTQ Cana­dian writ­ers dis­cussing arts and cul­ture whilst simul­ta­ne­ously and proac­tively cham­pi­oning chal­leng­ing view­points out­side of main­stream Cana­dian art crit­i­cism. Giv­en the scarci­ty of exist­ing texts of this nature, this book must be viewed as a begin­ning. And while print­ed books are an impor­tant con­tri­bu­tion for libraries, stu­dents and schol­ars, we believe that pub­lish­ing essays about media art with sta­tic images and text is par­tic­u­larly lim­it­ing and coun­ter­in­tu­itive. Our pub­li­ca­tion will be a larg­er and more open-end­ed web project that can­not be con­tained to the print­ed page.

Select­ed chap­ters, papers and projects will be pub­lished in book for­mat in an edi­tion of 1000 print copies and on a web­site con­tain­ing all texts along with select media clips from the works they ref­er­ence. We believe this approach to be a more dynam­ic, immer­sive pub­lish­ing strat­egy that allows writ­ers to be cre­ative with their texts by includ­ing video clips, still images, audio files and web links. The intent with the site is to rec­og­nize and cir­cum­vent the incom­plete­ness of any book to doc­u­ment the activ­ity of FNMI, racial­ized, dif­fer­ently abled, or LGBTQ media artists with­in the Cana­dian frame by pro­duc­ing a dis­cur­sive space that high­lights evolv­ing media arts his­to­ries over time.

Pos­si­ble top­ics can include, but are not lim­ited to:

  • His­tor­i­cal and con­tem­po­rary rep­re­sen­ta­tions and omis­sions of FNMI, racial­ized, dif­fer­ently abled, or LGBTQ peo­ples in media art
  • Ana­log or dig­i­tal archives of region­al media arts prac­tices, orga­ni­za­tional his­to­ries and local media arts chronolo­gies
  • Pre­vi­ously pub­lished arti­cles, defunct pub­li­ca­tions and artist zines about media arts prac­tices
  • Case stud­ies of archival ini­tia­tives by indi­vid­u­als, orga­ni­za­tions or fes­ti­vals
  • Pro­files and inter­views of current/past under doc­u­mented artists, col­lec­tives, orga­ni­za­tions or fes­ti­vals
  • Action plans for decol­o­niz­ing the media arts sec­tor in Cana­da.
  • Resource scarci­ty and the demise and/or cre­ation of FNMI, racial­ized, dif­fer­ently abled, or LGBTQ media arts col­lec­tives, orga­ni­za­tions and fes­ti­vals
  • Past/current restric­tive fund­ing poli­cies and sys­temic exclu­sions
  • Analy­sis of equi­ty fund­ing mod­els
  • Dis­rup­tions of the white, colo­nial, gen­dered, het­ero­nor­ma­tive, “able-bod­ied” gaze
  • Exam­i­na­tions of polit­i­cal dif­fer­ence in dias­pora media artist com­mu­ni­ties
  • Token inclu­sions in the white exper­i­men­tal film/video canon
  • Media arts prac­tices that rem­edy geo­graph­i­cal, polit­i­cal, or cul­tural iso­la­tion
  • Exper­i­men­tal documentary/mapping strate­gies
  • Media enhanced per­for­mance
  • Expec­ta­tions of per­formed trau­ma and alter­i­ty
  • Mem­ory, truth and the dig­i­tal mov­ing image
  • Media arts prac­tices as tool for polit­i­cal protest
  • Cen­sor­ship case stud­ies
  • The evo­lu­tion of media arts tech­nol­ogy and its impact on knowl­edge shar­ing
  • The­o­ret­i­cal works on the his­tory, evo­lu­tion, and aes­thet­ics of exper­i­men­tal media arts works

Select­ed writ­ers will be remu­ner­ated. The dead­line for sub­mit­ting paper pro­pos­als is July 14, 2017.
Dead­line for final papers is March 1, 2018.

Please send a 300–500 word abstract and title, as well as your CV, address, tele­phone num­ber, email address to: publications@mano-ramo.ca

About the Edi­tor:
Dean­na Bowen is a Toron­to based artist and edu­ca­tor whose artistic/educational prac­tice exam­ines his­tory, his­tor­i­cal writ­ing and the ways in which artis­tic and tech­no­log­i­cal advance­ments impact indi­vid­ual and col­lec­tive author­ship. She is a 2016 Simon Guggen­heim Foun­da­tion Fel­low and recip­i­ent of the 2014 William H. John­son Prize. She has worked for the Images Fes­ti­val of Film, Video & New Media, Inter­Ac­cess Elec­tronic Media Arts Cen­tre, the Cana­dian Women Stud­ies Jour­nal, the Liai­son of Inde­pen­dent Film­mak­ers of Toron­to, and Point of View Mag­a­zine. She fre­quently presents her research, writ­ings and art­works about the con­nec­tions between race, his­tory, and con­tem­po­rary arts pro­duc­tion in inter­na­tional pub­li­ca­tions, grad­u­ate sem­i­nars and aca­d­e­mic con­fer­ences in Human­i­ties dis­ci­plines in and out­side of the arts.  Recent writ­ings and art works have been pub­lished in Cana­dian Art (forth­com­ing), Towards an African-Cana­di­an Art His­tory: Art, Mem­ory, and Resis­tance (forth­com­ing), TOPIA: Cana­dian Jour­nal of Cul­tural Stud­ies, PUBLIC Jour­nal, North: New African Cana­dian Writ­ingWest Coast Line, and FRONT Mag­a­zine.

MANO’s staff includes direc­tor Ben Donoghue who pre­vi­ously served as exec­u­tive direc­tor at the Liai­son of Inde­pen­dent Film­mak­ers of Toron­to where in addi­tion to com­plet­ing major cap­i­tal and orga­ni­za­tional projects car­ried out four sig­nif­i­cant com­mis­sion­ing projects the largest involv­ing thir­ty artists. He has also worked on numer­ous books and peri­od­i­cals over his career includ­ing Explo­sion in The Movie Machine and MICE Mag­a­zine. MANO’s sec­ond staff mem­ber is Adri­ana Rossel­li who has worked as an admin­is­tra­tor for orga­ni­za­tions in mul­ti­ple dis­ci­plines includ­ing alu­Cine Film Fes­ti­val and Alu­na The­atre.

MANO itself has con­ducted three provin­cial and one nation­al media arts con­fer­ence includ­ing IMAA.ON.Fire in 2010, which host­ed 300 artists and cul­tural work­ers over five days of pro­gram­ming. MANO has exten­sive expe­ri­ence admin­is­ter­ing projects along­side its ongo­ing pro­grams and draws on a ded­i­cated board of 11 cul­tural work­ers from across Ontario, includ­ing some of the most expe­ri­enced in the field.
This is one of the 200 excep­tional projects fund­ed through the Cana­da Coun­cil for the Arts’ New Chap­ter pro­gram. With this $35M invest­ment, the Coun­cil sup­ports the cre­ation and shar­ing of the arts in com­mu­ni­ties across Cana­da.

Ce pro­jet est l’un des 200 pro­jets excep­tion­nels soutenus par le pro­gramme Nou­veau chapitre du Con­seil des arts du Cana­da. Avec cet investisse­ment 35 M$, le Con­seil des arts appuie la créa­tion et le partage des arts au cœur de nos vies et dans l’ensemble du Cana­da.